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Here's a chance for you to meet the furrier, four-legged members of the Treat family!
Jean-Claude Pierre is an AKC registered red standard poodle who has so much energy he hardly can stay still! Pierre loves running so much that we think he should start his own brand of athletic gear. 
Elsa Rose is a solid white AKC registered German Shepherd.  She's immediately become best friends with our youngest daughter, and the two of them love hanging out and spending time on the farm together!
Paisley Anne has been with the Treat family since she was a puppy! Paisley Anne is an AKC registered red and black German shepherd.  She's very inquisitive and loves playing with her sister Daisy and exploring the farm!
Daisy Bea is Paisley Ann's little sister, has also been part of the family since she was a little puppy! Daisy is a very active girl who doesn't have time to sit still!  She's very curious and likes investigating all the interesting sights and smells on the farm.
Izzy Jane is our AKC registered black and tan German shepherd! She's also been with us since she was a puppy, and she loves spending time with Daisy and Paisley. She enjoys laying out in the sun and working on her tan, and we're pretty sure we've caught her checking out Pierre a couple of times too!
Portia and Taz are our granddogs! While they don't live on Treat Bluff with the rest of us, they frequently come down to visit! They enjoy car rides, playing tug of war, snuggling, and eating ice cubes in the summer!
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